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When you step into the world of the professional Landlord, there are many complex legal requirements and risks that you must consider. On this page, you will find answers to your questions in a step-by-step guide about our management process and plenty of detailed information to help you in choosing the right Property Manager for your needs. We hope you will find that is us!

Phil J. Client Testimonial:

"I really can't compliment Rob and FPG enough for taking over my properties. He essentially turned what use to be a complete headache into a monthly bank transfer with no more tenant phone calls, scheduling service calls, and other persistent irritations. I actually considered selling most of my portfolio because of the difficulties with day to day management. Now the entire process is worry free. I'm actually traveling and enjoying life for the first time in years. Best decision I've make in a long time! Highly recommended!!!"

Tampa area’s Fisher Properties Group provides full-service turn-key rental property management and real estate brokerage services. We have a long history and expertise in both the residential and commercial real estate industries.

Our specialty is property management of single-family rental homes, condos, duplexes and townhomes in the Tampa area.  We also manage commercial properties depending on the scope of your needs.

Our processes allow you to entrust your investment property to a competent experienced property management team to ensure the most efficient cash flow and protection of your investment – with minimal involvement by you! Isn’t that the point?

A summary of what we handle for you:

  • Extensive marketing of your property (yard signs, website postings, pictures, video tour, showings, commissions)
  • Assessing your property and recommendations to get your home into the best/required “rent-ready” condition.
  • Screening tenants (credit, criminal background, eviction, employment/landlord verification checks)
  • Have prepared and sign leasing documents on your behalf
  • Move in/out and periodic inspections
  • Repair and maintenance coordination, vendor payments
  • Addressing/resolving tenant issues
  • Security deposits, collecting rent, posting notices, processing evictions if necessary
  • Monthly detailed statement and direct deposit of funds to the Owner, issuing accounting and 1099 statements for your annual tax filing
  • Access to your online Owner portal for funds transfers and documents viewing/downloading

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Craig C. Client Testimonial:

"FPG is the only Property Management Company for all of my rentals. Emails are returned very quickly. Reporting is accurate and timely. Monthly account deposits are two days earlier than my previous management company. They go out of their way to save you money on repairs, making only the necessary ones and charging the tenants for should be their responsibly. Rob and FPG truly WORK for you, the property owner. I highly recommend them."

Assessing your property:

One of the first things we need to do it assess your property for condition/access and see what needs/should be done to get it ready to rent and what that means to your likely rental rate. The law requires certain things when renting to a Tenant. Examples are: fire extinguishers and smoke detectors (and there’s more!). Also, there are practical “curb appeal” items that will make your home more attractive and easier to maintain (faster occupancy and faster/better cash flow!). We will guide you through this process as these items factor into the eventual fee structure for management. Some things we consider:

Assessing the Home
  • Lawn or pool, sprinkler system
  • Condition of exterior: lawn, roof, doors, windows, paint, HVAC
  • Condition of interior: flooring, paint, appliances, bathrooms, fixtures
  • Potential issue with plumbing, electrical, or other home systems
  • Restrictions for your home (pet limitations for example)
  • Waterfront? Pre-1978 construction? HOA community?

John K. Client Testimonial:

"Rob Fisher manages my property in Tampa, Florida. I am a resident of South Africa and have found him to give excellent service with regard to rent collection, finding new tenants when vacancies occur, upkeep of the property and prompt transfer of rents to my account. I can recommend his services to potential property investors."

Marketing your Home:

Technology plays a key role in efficiently competing to find the best tenants for your home. Pictures and video are a MUST. Also, most people are using mobile devices to search on-the-go as they drive around neighborhoods! Our marketing package is designed to maximize your exposure. The more competition you can attract, the faster it can get rented and for a higher rent.

Sample Walkthrough Video

Richard B. Client Testimonial:

" Fisher Properties Group has done an outstanding managing an office property for us. We have special needs, as the property is owned by a family trust directed by an 88 year old matriarch. Rob Fisher has been a true professional, often taking on additional responsibilities and always performing as promised. He and FPG get our highest rating! "

Tenant Screening:

One of the most important things to consider in renting your home is who will be living in it. ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ as they say. We try to be very selective in choosing qualified tenants who will also treat the home as they would their own. While we cannot guarantee a problem-free tenant, this process has been very successful in securing high-quality tenants. In doing so, we screen applicants through the following process:

Tenant Screening
  • Check with current/prior landlords for rental verification
  • Verify the applicants' employment and income
  • Pull the applicants' credit report
  • Nationwide criminal search
  • Eviction reports
  • 50 state sex offender registry

We always abide by the Equal Housing Opportunity Laws, and we do not discriminate against anyone on the basis of Race, Color, Religion, Sex, Handicap, Familial Status, National Origin or Age.

Laurel G. Client Testimonial:

"Rob at Fisher Properties has done a great job leasing and managing several residential properties we own over the past years. We have complete peace of mind knowing that he will deal promptly and effectively with the day-to-day issues that arise while keeping us in the loop on matters requiring our input."

Moving Tenants In and Out:

We’ve found a great qualified Tenant that wants to rent. Now what happens?

  • We have leasing documents prepared by a law firm that specializes in Landlord/Tenant law and they only represent the Landlord. This is important because they are up to date on the latest law changes and terms for a lease and to afford you the best protections as an owner. The cost passed on to you is nominal ($45 at this time). This is a huge value to you and us as it allows either if us to call them and receive free consultation on any tenant-related matter BEFORE things get out of hand or move towards eviction.
  • We will sign the lease documents on your behalf (by way of a Specific Power of Attorney that you execute with your management agreement)
  • We conduct a move out inspection to assess the condition of the property compared to the condition when they moved in (documented by pictures and inspection form). Any deficiencies beyond normal wear and tear may be assessed to the Tenant moving out.
  • Any repairs, cleaning, and touch ups needed are coordinated for the new tenancy.
  • Security deposits are processed for any deductions and refunded to the Tenant. You will see these transactions on your Owner statement.
  • During a tenancy, we coordinate a periodic inspection of the home. These important pictures and details leave no doubt in anyone’s mind the condition of the property.
    • Document the lifespan and interior/exterior condition of the property, structure and major systems.
    • An opportunity to inspect living conditions of a Tenant. If any violations are found or if they are not maintaining things required in the lease (such as lawn, AC filters etc.), corrective action can be taken and documented.

Luciana A. Client Testimonial:

"Rob is professional, dedicated, helpful, honest, and transparent with all property management dealings, He is upfront with issues and always ready to provide the tenants the best service possible giving the landlord peace of mind. Best choice I’ve made. I hope we will keep our business for a long time to come. "

Maintenance and Repairs:


This is a major part of successful property management. Service partners we use for repairs and maintenance play a key role in keeping your costs down and keeping happy tenants (lower turnover, and better cash flow). Not only does this service require a significant amount of time, but it also requires a very knowledgeable manager in the areas construction and home systems. Being able to properly prioritize and question repairs can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Multiple issues can sometimes be combined to save trips or the opposite – might even require 2 vendors (electric and plumbing are 2 separately licensed areas but intersect in areas like a hot water heater, garbage disposal, pool systems).

We have developed relationships with experts and licensed tradespeople for all your home needs. They are licensed and insured where required. Cost is important, but value and trust are more important. Smaller jobs are usually not bid by multiple bidders. There is a certain fixed cost and service charge for these jobs and many vendors will not bid them or will charge you a service charge to do so, thus negating the purpose. We do not make money from or charge you for normal repairs. It is passed through directly from the vendor. Or process works like this:

Tim C. Client Testimonial:

"FPG has managed my rental property for over 10 years. They are proactive in every phase of their operation; from vetting and securing new tenants to garnering the maximum rent based on local market conditions. They react quickly to tenant issues which are usually resolved without directly involving me - unless it is a major outlay. FPG has a large network of tradesmen so I always get a fair price for any needed repairs/replacements. I am thoroughly satisfied with their service."

Management Fees:

We are a full-service professional management company. As members of the National Association or Residential Property Managers, we use the latest industry best practices and the technology to provide you with significant benefits and worry-free management.

  • You can cancel the management agreement without penalty.
  • We communicate and respond quickly to Tenants, Vendors and Owners to provide a high level of service
  • We pay Owners quickly every month with direct ACH deposit
  • Our maintenance system provides for efficient repairs through detailed electronic work orders and communication with Tenants
  • Owners have access to detailed statements and annual tax documents through their online Owner Portal for viewing and downloads at any time.
Management Fees

If your first question to a Property Manager is “How much do you charge?”, we think you are asking the wrong question. It’s like asking a car dealer “How much is a car?”. It should really be the last question, once you consider what is required, what you need and what you are getting. There are many property managers out there of varying degrees. You may not need a full-service manager, but that it the level we provide. Or, you may be a hands-on owner best suited to manage your rental yourself, although I would never recommend that.

Our fees are structured to be as simple and transparent as possible for everyone. We have no interest in complicated agreements loaded with “gotchas” or nickel-and-dime add-ons. Like any service, we simply expect to be paid for our expertise and time. Our fee structure is two major buckets:

  1. Marketing Fee for finding a new tenant. This includes the initial assessment and all the marketing materials and efforts going into finding and securing a tenant, inspections up to the point of moving in AND all of the back-end work, inspections, documentation, and security deposit handling when a tenant moves out. This fee is a % of one month’s rent and depends on many factors such as age and condition of the property, expected rent rate, any HOA access/application requirements we must follow.
    • We DO NOT charge fees for renewals of existing tenants. We negotiate the best deal to keep a good tenant in place and execute a renewal on your behalf. However, we do pass through the actual charges for lease preparations from the law firm ($45 currently).
    • This fee IS incurred whenever a tenant moves out and we must incur the time and costs to market the property again and find a new tenant. This is why keeping tenants happy and keeping the best ones in place are in your best interest.

  2. Monthly Management Fee. This begins when a new tenant moves in and the marketing process is complete. This includes all of the day-to-day issues that occur throughout the month like rent collection, repairs coordination, paying bills, tenant issues, accounting statements, etc. This also depends on many factors such as: Age and condition of the property, in an HOA or gated community, how many properties you have (discount there!), services required like pool and lawn, size of the property. Fees are going to be around 8%-10% of the monthly rent but please contact us to discuss before we can commit to the appropriate structure.
    • We do NOT charge a fee when the unit is empty so if rent doesn’t come to you, management fees don’t come to US!

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Tampa" is not the name of any municipality. This misconception probably stems from the names of several local professional sports franchises (including the Tampa Buccaneers, Tampa Lightning, Tampa Rays, and Tampa Rowdies) which seek to draw support from the entire Tampa Area, the hub of which is the city of Tampa. Tampa is actually a large, natural harbor and estuary along the Gulf of Mexico on the west central coast of Florida, comprising Hillsborough Bay, Old Tampa, Middle Tampa, and Lower Tampa.

The area commonly identified as “Tampa” is probably best defined as the land masses connected by the various bridges that span Tampa:

The warm waters, temperate weather and variety of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors make Tampa an ideal place for residents of all ages. A home in Tampa places one a short distance from boating, fishing, golf, and cycling year-round. Just need a place to relax? Within twenty minutes you can be under an umbrella at some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Love sports? Tampa is home to Super Bowl Champions the Tampa Buccaneers, Stanley Cup Champions the Tampa Lightning, MLB's Tampa Rays, horse racing, greyhound racing, and MLB spring training. There are many art studios, music theaters, museums, children's museums, and much more.

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