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Moving Tenants In and Out

We’ve found a great qualified Tenant that wants to rent. Now what happens?

  • We have leasing documents prepared by a law firm that specializes in Landlord/Tenant law and they only represent the Landlord. This is important because they are up to date on the latest law changes and terms for a lease and to afford you the best protections as an owner. The cost passed on to you is nominal ($45 at this time). This is a huge value to you and us as it allows either of us to call them and receive a free consultation on any tenant-related matter BEFORE things get out of hand or move towards eviction.
  • We will sign the lease documents on your behalf (by way of a Specific Power of Attorney that you execute with your management agreement)
  • We conduct a move out inspection to assess the condition of the property compared to the condition when they moved in (documented by pictures and inspection form). Any deficiencies beyond normal wear and tear may be assessed to the Tenant moving out.
  • Any repairs, cleaning, and touch ups needed are coordinated for the new tenancy.
  • Security deposits are processed for any deductions and refunded to the Tenant. You will see these transactions on your Owner statement.
  • During a tenancy, we coordinate a periodic inspection of the home. These important pictures and details leave no doubt in anyone’s mind the condition of the property.
    • Document the lifespan and interior/exterior condition of the property, structure and major systems.
    • An opportunity to inspect living conditions of a Tenant. If any violations are found or if they are not maintaining things required in the lease (such as lawn, AC filters etc.), corrective action can be taken and documented.

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What We Do As Your Tampa Bay Property Manager

Tampa Bay area’s Fisher Properties Group provides full-service turn-key rental property management and real estate brokerage services. We have a long history and expertise in both the residential and commercial real estate industries. Our specialty is property management of single-family rental homes, condos, duplexes and townhomes in the Tampa Bay area. We also manage commercial properties depending on the scope of your needs.

Our processes allow you to entrust your investment property to a competent experienced property management team to ensure the most efficient cash flow and protection of your investment – with minimal involvement by you! Isn’t that the point?

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Extensive marketing of your property (yard signs, website postings, pictures, video tour, showings, commissions)
maintenance icon
Repair and maintenance coordination, vendor payments
Addressing/resolving tenant issues
assessing property icon
Assessing your property and recommendations to get your home into the best/required “rent-ready” condition
security icon
Security deposits, collecting rent, posting notices, processing evictions if necessary
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Screening tenants (credit, criminal background, eviction, employment/landlord verification checks)
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Access to your online Owner portal for funds transfers and documents viewing/downloading
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Have prepared and sign leasing documents on your behalf
Move in/out and periodic inspections
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Monthly detailed statement and direct deposit of funds to the Owner, issuing accounting and 1099 statements for your annual tax filing
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