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Maintenance and Repairs

This is a major part of successful property management. Service partners we use for repairs and maintenance play a key role in keeping your costs down and keeping happy tenants (lower turnover, and better cash flow). Not only does this service require a significant amount of time, but it also requires a very knowledgeable manager in the areas of construction and home systems. Being able to properly prioritize and question repairs can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Multiple issues can sometimes be combined to save trips or the opposite – might even require 2 vendors (electric and plumbing are 2 separately licensed areas but intersect in areas like a hot water heater, garbage disposal, pool systems).

We have developed relationships with experts and licensed tradespeople for all your home needs. They are licensed and insured where required. Cost is important, but value and trust are more important. Smaller jobs are usually not bid by multiple bidders. There is a certain fixed cost and service charge for these jobs and many vendors will not bid them or will charge you a service charge to do so, thus negating the purpose. We do not make money from or charge you for normal repairs. It is passed through directly from the vendor. Or process works like this:

  • We receive Tenant maintenance submissions via their Tenant portal/app
  • Triage and delegate the issue to the appropriate service vendor
  • If a repair item is estimated to be over your pre-approved repair limit (usually $500) we will contact you to discuss.
  • Scrutinize the bill that is it correct and reasonable
  • Service call summary is shown on your statement with the charges
  • We do not recommend home warranties for rental properties. On paper it looks great but in practice as a Landlord it is a disaster. This is a longer conversation, but it boils down to this: You and I have NO control over pricing, timing, what vendor to use (remember trust and value?), quality of work. In nearly every case we have used one it has been the classic “nightmare” for all involved. This is a fast way to lose a tenant and/or go to court.

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What We Do As Your Tampa Bay Property Manager

Tampa Bay area’s Fisher Properties Group provides full-service turn-key rental property management and real estate brokerage services. We have a long history and expertise in both the residential and commercial real estate industries. Our specialty is property management of single-family rental homes, condos, duplexes and townhomes in the Tampa Bay area. We also manage commercial properties depending on the scope of your needs.

Our processes allow you to entrust your investment property to a competent experienced property management team to ensure the most efficient cash flow and protection of your investment – with minimal involvement by you! Isn’t that the point?

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Extensive marketing of your property (yard signs, website postings, pictures, video tour, showings, commissions)
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Repair and maintenance coordination, vendor payments
Addressing/resolving tenant issues
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Assessing your property and recommendations to get your home into the best/required “rent-ready” condition
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Security deposits, collecting rent, posting notices, processing evictions if necessary
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Screening tenants (credit, criminal background, eviction, employment/landlord verification checks)
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Access to your online Owner portal for funds transfers and documents viewing/downloading
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Have prepared and sign leasing documents on your behalf
Move in/out and periodic inspections
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Monthly detailed statement and direct deposit of funds to the Owner, issuing accounting and 1099 statements for your annual tax filing
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