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"FPG is the only Property Management Company for all of my rentals. Emails are returned very quickly. Reporting is accurate and timely. Monthly account deposits are two days earlier than my previous management company. They go out of their way to save you money on repairs, making only the necessary ones and charging the tenants for should be their responsibly. Rob and FPG truly WORK for you, the property owner. I highly recommend them." Craig C.

"Rob Fisher manages my property in Tampa, Florida. I am a resident of South Africa and have found him to give excellent service with regard to rent collection, finding new tenants when vacancies occur, upkeep of the property and prompt transfer of rents to my account. I can recommend his services to potential property investors." John K.

"Fisher Properties Group has done an outstanding managing an office property for us. We have special needs, as the property is owned by a family trust directed by an 88 year old matriarch. Rob Fisher has been a true professional, often taking on additional responsibilities and always performing as promised. He and FPG get our highest rating!"Richard B.

"Rob at Fisher Properties has done a great job leasing and managing several residential properties we own over the past years. We have complete peace of mind knowing that he will deal promptly and effectively with the day-to-day issues that arise while keeping us in the loop on matters requiring our input." Laurel G.

"Rob is professional, dedicated, helpful, honest, and transparent with all property management dealings, He is upfront with issues and always ready to provide the tenants the best service possible giving the landlord peace of mind. Best choice I’ve made. I hope we will keep our business for a long time to come." Luciana A.

"I really can't compliment Rob and FPG enough for taking over my properties. He essentially turned what use to be a complete headache into a monthly bank transfer with no more tenant phone calls, scheduling service calls, and other persistent irritations. I actually considered selling most of my portfolio because of the difficulties with day to day management. Now the entire process is worry free. I'm actually traveling and enjoying life for the first time in years. Best decision I've made in a long time! Highly recommended!!!" Phil J.

"Rob Fisher is the best property manager I have ever had. He took care of every detail with utmost professionalism. Every problem that came up was handled immediately. Repairs were done with great quality of workmanship. If you need a property manager, look no further than Rob Fisher Properties." Marion M.

Two issues arose with my condominium during the first year it was leased. First there was a stopped up kitchen sink. Rob had his plumber on site quickly before a small problem became something worse. Next the washing machine quit and was unrepairable. Rob coordinated the install with my chosen vendor, the installer and the tenant to everyones satisfaction.

Finally Rob secured a new tenant for my condominium before the previous tenant moved out. Not having a long gap in my rental income is very much appreciated. Bob C.

"Working with them more than 5 years. Never had complained. In spite of living outside USA, they are always quick and in time to response, approachable, helpful and dependable. will strongly recommend without any resevation." Rukhsana D.

"all problem I ever had been handled quic and profesional" Ludek B.

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"We have been working with Rob for 1.5 years as a homeowner renting our townhouse. He is thorough and efficient. His communications are precise and as necessary. We are glad to have him locally taking care of things. " Kevin U.

"I was lucky enough to find Rob over five years ago to manage the rental of my condo while I did some long term cruising on my sailboat. He has kept the property rented with very little downtime between tenants. On the occasion of appliance problems, Rob has handled them with little inconvenience for the tenants and minimal involvement on my part. " Bobby C.

"Rob is maintaining my property from last 2 years. He provides information in time and maintains the property good. " Srikanth G.

"Rob has been managing my rental for more than 5 years and at least 4 different tenants. He keeps me informed on what is going on and super proactive and responsive towards the tenants. I’m worry free knowing my property is well taken care of. I totally recommend Fisher Properties. " Luciana A.

"Rob is THE MAN! I live in WA state and was lucky enough to find Rob to manage my property in Tampa, FL. Initially, he managed a complete restoration of my 1956 home to get it ready for renting. Rob treated the project as if it was his own....very conscientious about costs and leaves no stone un-turned when it comes to follow-up and making sure every single job was done properly. The peace of mind I had and continue to have as he manages the rental aspect of my home is priceless. It's been two years and not only is Rob the utmost professional at what he does, I now consider him a friend." Michael T.

"Rob has been an excellent resource for this first time landlord and I appreciate the "firewall" he provides between me and my renters. Monthly financials are always prompt. Rob will accommodate to match your desired level of involvement. As a new landlord I wanted to be fairly involved but as time goes by I can see where it will be nice to sit back and let Rob handle most details. I recommend him highly if you are looking for a Property Management company. " Lynn P.

"I have had my rental property managed by the Fisher Properties Group since its inception. Rob Fisher has been extremely helpful in dealing with any property tenant issue that may arise. He's very proactive in dealing with the minor problems and always consults me when larger items need attention. He always gets the job done! " Tim C.

"I have been a client of Rob Fisher for several years now. Rob originally managed my properties for myself when I lived in Massachusetts. I never once had an issue with communication with Rob which is huge to me! Rob has also been very professional in every other aspect of being a Property Manager. This is why I still use Rob till this day and I highly recommend him! " Anthony C.

"I highly recommend Rob Fisher. He has been managing my properties for well over 10 years. He’s very conscientious and responsive. Did a great job of keeping my places rented, even when it was a renter‘s market. His vast amount of experience comes in handy when determining the things that need to be done to a property to keep it rented. Rob is definitely a great contact to have! " Craig C.

"I have used Fisher Properties group to manage my 2 Tampa properties for more than 18 years! They are wonderful. They have always placed great tenants and quickly and efficiently do anything that I ask. I highly recommend!!!! " John K.